I’ll be sharing insights into how I help individuals like you create a genuine and impactful online presence.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a visionary creator, or simply looking to elevate your brand, I’m here to provide valuable guidance.

Join me as I take you through my personal journey, deeply rooted in faith and service, to help you navigate the world of online branding.

Who am I, Holly Rigos?

Let me introduce myself – I’m Holly Rigos, the host of the “Branding With Purpose” podcast. My mission is to simplify the complexities of online branding and offer strategies that help you build an authentic digital presence. Tune in to my podcast to get expert insights tailored to your needs as a modern entrepreneur.

Why Choose YouTube for Podcasting?

Wondering why I opted for video podcasting on YouTube? Video podcasts allow me to connect with you in a dynamic way, engaging both your eyes and ears. This innovative approach brings a whole new level of immersion, making the journey of learning about online branding even more exciting.

The Power of Authenticity and Faith:

My Enneagram personality type, an Enneagram four with a wing three, fuels my passion for authenticity. My journey blends deep emotions with analytical thinking, all rooted in my faith. With Christian principles guiding me, I strive to be a genuine and empathetic guide in the realm of branding.

Serving as My Foundation:

My transformation from seeking validation to becoming a servant at heart is at the core of my journey. Guided by the Holy Spirit, I discovered my purpose lay in authentically helping others. This path led me to establish my online business, offering branding services and supporting others in their growth.

Balancing Family and Passion:

As a mother of five and a devoted wife, I understand the importance of balancing family and professional aspirations. My passions for photography and videography became the foundation for a thriving home-based business. By staying true to my values, I empower women to build their online presence while prioritizing family.

Bridging the Missing Pieces:

Helping clients bridge the gaps in their branding strategies is my commitment and joy. Success stories of transformed clients reflect my mission of authentic service. Leveraging my skills in photography, videography, and branding, I empower others to achieve their online goals.

Next Steps

Ready to embark on your journey to authentic online branding? Here’s how you can get started with me:

  1. Subscribe to My “Branding With Purpose” Podcast: Tune in to my podcast for expert insights and practical advice on building a strong online presence. Listen on the YouTube Music app or watch on YouTube for visual content.
  2. Explore My Instagram: Connect with me on Instagram (@HollyRigosMedia) for updates, behind-the-scenes content, and additional tips for effective online branding.
  3. Learn with My Tutorials: Check out my YouTube channel for tutorials on photography, videography, and branding. These tutorials break down the technical aspects of online branding into simple terms.
  4. Join the Part-Time on Purpose Community: If you resonate with my journey of balancing family and purpose-driven work, consider joining the Part-Time on Purpose community to connect with like-minded individuals.


My journey from seeking validation to becoming a purpose-driven online branding guide is a testament to the power of passion.

Through my podcast, tutorials, and authentic approach, I offer valuable resources for anyone looking to create a meaningful online presence.

With the right guidance, you can navigate the world of online branding while staying true to your values and goals.

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