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Working with Delphine Kirkland”s Ministry Personal Brand has truly been a delight. Our journey began during a virtual summit hosted by Lavonda McCullough. Delphine and I quickly forged a connection that extended beyond just a virtual assistant relationship – you can find more about our story in my case studies, where I dive into how my work with clients goes beyond photography.

Delphine and I built a relationship grounded in mutual understanding and trust. She patiently awaited my business’s relocation from upstate New York to Carrollton, Georgia, where Holly Rios Media is now based. This new location allows me to easily serve areas like West Georgia, North Georgia, and Alabama.

Working together in Prattville, Alabama

Our collaboration took us to the charming Historic Downtown Prattville, Alabama, where we collected a plethora of images for her fresh website and vibrant social media. Delphine Kirkland had the chance to showcase multiple outfits in various picturesque spots. The session wasn’t just about photography; we also fostered connections with local businesses, enriching our partnership.

Examples captured during the session:

  • Images with husband for their anniversary and to share her marriage online
  • Different compositions of headshots in varying outfits that were mainly 3/4 of her body for an updated headshot
  • Close-ups of her hands with her husband, praying, and with her Bible
  • Props utilized were her Bible, glasses, and utilizing the surroundings such as bistro tables, graffiti, and benches

An ongoing relationship for years to come

Delphine Kirkland’s gracious and pleasant demeanor made the entire experience an unexpected joy. Our session surpassed my expectations, leading to a deep friendship. In less than two years, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate face-to-face on three occasions. This journey has shown me the immense value of meaningful connections in the world of portfolio branding photography.

You can see session two here and session three here.

You can view her YouTube here.

Also, Delphine and Heather Jeffery were guests on the new Branding with Purpose Podcast!

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