Case Study: Heather Jeffery + Photo, Video, and Virtual Assistance services for Digital Marketing 

In the world of personal branding, the journey to building a captivating online presence often involves more than meets the eye.

Enter Heather Jeffery, a determined entrepreneur hailing from the vibrant city of Philadelphia. Heather’s quest for a standout online presence led her on a transformative journey, one that involved strategy, creativity, and a dash of Southern charm.

The Foundation: A New Website

Heather’s journey began with the foundation of her online presence – her website.

She had been blogging consistently for a few years on a WordPress website but couldn’t do more than just write and post. She had no idea how to create a new website with a new domain NOR did she know what hosting meant. We used several strategy calls to dig through all the tech she was currently using to create a new website from scratch. She continued to use NameCheap but installed the Kadence Theme with a Custom Template from Restored 316.

In collaboration with Holly Rigos Media, Heather selected the Kadence theme from Restored 316.

This theme, known for its elegance and functionality, provided the perfect canvas for Heather’s digital masterpiece.

I use Restored 316 Custom Themes (this website uses the Olivia theme) and their services are amazing. If you are looking for a more DIY approach, I would highly recommend them.

Strategy Calls: Crafting a Vision

Before diving into the creative process, we engaged in strategy calls.

These sessions were pivotal in defining Heather’s vision for her brand.

They explored her interests, goals, and the essence she wanted her online presence to exude.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • WHY am I getting online?
  • What are the conversion purposes?
  • Who am I speaking to?
  • What problem are they facing?
  • How can I solve that problem?
  • What do I want them to feel when they encounter my messaging online?
  • How do I want to show up online?
  • Is an income the goal and how will I achieve one online?

Lead Magnet Magic

To engage her audience effectively, Heather and Holly ventured into the world of lead magnets.

Using ConvertKit and Canva, they crafted a collection of compelling lead magnets. These resources would not only attract but also nurture her audience, making them a vital part of her brand’s growth.

The Georgia Adventure

One of the highlights of Heather’s journey was her visit to the heart of Georgia, where I am based.

The trip was dedicated to a personal branding session that would be the visual cornerstone of Heather’s online presence.

BUT she also got to meet Delphine Kirkland, a long-time friend, and mentor, who had walked with her through many tough conversations and had prayed with her over the years. It was such a blessing to be the one who captured their friendship in person! And has lit a fire in me to do more workshop-based sessions that allow women to work together during their branding shoots!

A Visual Feast: Captivating Sessions

Heather’s visit to Georgia was all about capturing her essence, both for her website and her social media.

Multiple sessions were planned, each designed to convey a different facet of her personality and brand.

From candid shots that showcased her approachability to professionally styled photos that exuded authority, every session was a testament to the versatility of Heather’s brand.

I used a thorough onboarding process that helped us plan outfits, posing, goals, and locations. Heather created a Pinterest board of inspiration that helped shape the overall photoshoot. We spoke on the phone several times before we met in person to nail down the remaining details.

A New Look: Logo and Color Scheme

In the world of personal branding, visuals are key.

Heather knew that to stand out, she needed more than just photographs – she needed a distinctive logo and color scheme.

With my guidance, she embarked on the journey to redefine her visual identity.

The result?

A simple logo that spoke volumes and a color scheme that resonated with her target audience.

Blue = peace, calm, tranquility, freedom

The Power of Transformation

Heather’s journey from Philadelphia to Georgia wasn’t just about photoshoots and visual elements.

It was a transformational experience that reshaped her brand and her outlook.

Through every strategy call, every click in Canva, and every click of the camera, Heather’s brand grew stronger and more aligned with her vision.

Heather Jeffery’s journey is a testament to the power of collaboration, strategy, and creativity in the world of personal branding. With a new website, lead magnets, captivating photos, and a fresh visual identity, she’s poised to make a lasting impression in her niche.

Stay tuned as we follow Heather’s journey and explore more inspiring tales of personal branding success.

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