Bringing Sparkle to Online Ventures Nicole Burtt’s Journey

Hey there, let’s dive into a tale that’s all about turning dreams into reality.

Meet Nicole Burtt, a mom from upstate New York who decided to chase her dreams and create a business that shines. Now, Nicole’s journey is a bit different. She’s not your typical 9-to-5 warrior; she’s all about making money from home through an MLM!

Unlocking the Magic: From Mom to Entrepreneur

Nicole took a brave step into the world of entrepreneurship, and guess what? She aced it!

She joined an MLM and also utilized a complementary product – comfortable and trendy clothes for women PLUS shoes.

But it wasn’t just about fashion; it was about empowering moms like her to rock their own businesses while being there for their little ones.

Nicole hustled hard, from packing out her car for vendor shows to online marketing in Facebook groups, and her business skyrocketed to a fabulous six-figure success.

Crafting the Brand: A Journey of Change

Now, here’s where the magic really happens.

Nicole and I teamed up to create a brand-new website and a buzzing social media presence.

We dived deep into her world, creating images and videos that showcased her not just as a business owner, but as a coach for other women looking to conquer the online world. From comfy clothes to empowering other women, it was a fantastic ride.

But wait, life isn’t a straight road.

Sometimes, things shift. Nicole’s kiddos grew up, she earned her master’s degree, and a new chapter began – she became a full-time teacher 🎉CUE THE CONFETTI🎉. This is the beauty of life’s twists and turns. It’s okay to close one chapter and start another when the time is right.

So, here’s to Nicole, an inspiring mompreneur who rocked the online world, followed her dreams, and gracefully transitioned into a new season. This is a shoutout to all the dream-chasers out there – keep believing, keep hustling, and embrace each exciting phase that life throws your way.

Congratulations, Nicole, you’re a true superstar!

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