Diving into Unique Branding Photography: A Moody Photo Session

Branding photoshoots are a lot like designing a tailor-made outfit for your brand’s personality.

As a photographer, I have the exciting task of either embracing or passing on a session based on the compatibility between the client’s vision and my style. Let’s take a fun ride through a different kind of branding story, one that ventured beyond my usual bold and vibrant territory.

Meeting Jackie and Building a Relationship

Jackie, a seasoned consultant in the realms of business, operations, and branding, entered my creative world. While my signature style is all about bright, bold, and simple visuals, Jackie’s approach leaned towards something distinctively moody and dark. We first connected at a conference, where our personalities clicked, even if our visual aesthetics diverged.

Painting a Dark Canvas: Dark and Moody Portraits

To capture Jackie’s essence, we embarked on an unconventional journey.

Picture this – a photoshoot right on the kitchen floor against a black canvas backdrop.

Using a single flash, the setup seemed unlikely to birth the intense and evocative imagery we aimed for.

However, with intentional manipulation of light, I managed to play with shadows and contrasts, focusing the light on specific details, like her face and hands.

Branding Beyond the Comfort Zone

This case showcased the essence of personalized branding. Jackie’s session defied my usual style, but that’s the beauty of it. I strongly believe in transparently communicating my capabilities, which led to a creative partnership built on trust and authenticity. Even though our aesthetics didn’t match, our collaboration exceeded expectations.

Embracing Individuality

Jackie continues to use these captivating images on her social media platforms and her newly revamped website.

Watching her thrive in her endeavors fuels my creative spirit. This journey taught me that branding photography isn’t about fitting a mold, but about crafting visuals that resonate with the individual’s essence. It’s a testament to the magic that can happen when creativity meets authenticity.

Stay tuned as we explore more unique and inspiring branding stories!

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