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Revealing the Magic of Branding: Dr. Yousuf Raza

Hey there, picture this – you’re surfing the net and you suddenly stumble upon something amazing. Well, that’s how Dr. Yousuf Raza found me, and it’s a cool story I want to share with you.

Cracking the Google Code: The Search Adventure

Guess how he found me? Yep, a simple Google search! It’s like a treasure hunt for info. This just proves that the internet still works wonders, helping folks like Dr. Raza discover what they need.

So, Dr. Raza is a professor at the University of West Georgia and was ready to start building his own personal brand practice in the US and did the most simple thing possible – he googled branding photographer near me!

Y’all organic SEO (the super scary acronym that means search engine optimization) works! It will get leads to your business. This is why I recommend having an elevated and strong personal brand that will set you apart from your competitors; it shows that you take pride in your work and want to provide the best for your ideal clients.

My name showed with the search results (SERP) and after a few DMs on social media.

He booked a consult and the rest is history!

Cooking Up a Real Brand Recipe

Now, here’s the fun part.

Dr. Raza’s not just any professor; he’s a counselor and a psychiatrist.

He wanted his brand to feel natural and friendly, so people could talk to him without any stress. We teamed up to make this magic happen, diving into what he likes, what he’s about, and why he does what he does. We even wanted his brand colors to give people a warm feeling.

Bringing His Brand to Life

Imagine this – Dr. Raza wanted his pics to show he’s approachable and chatty, just like when he’s teaching.

So, we took some cool photos in the library at his university and around the commons area in his everyday outfit – not a suit and tie.

It’s like capturing his superpower of talking to people. We also got some snazzy shots at my studio, making him look awesome and pro.

Making His Brand Shine

Okay, here’s the implementation part. Dr. Raza didn’t just let these pics sit around. Nope! He rocked them on Instagram and Facebook.

social proof of images being used on instagram personal branding images in graphics and captions mental health coach using personal branding photos

And get this – he jazzed up his website with them too. That’s like a winning move in the world of branding. He’s showing everyone, “Hey, I’m friendly, and you can trust me.”

So, there you have it. Dr. Yousuf Raza’s journey shows that awesome pics can tell your story even better than words. It’s like making friends online and inviting them into your world.

Super cool, right?

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