Welcome to the very first episode of Branding With Purpose with Holly Rigos Media! If you’re ready to create an authentic and impactful online presence without the stress, you’re in the right place.

In this podcast, I introduce myself (Holly Rigos) and how I will be your kind-hearted guide. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a visionary creator, or someone seeking to elevate your brand, this podcast is here to help you embrace purpose and integrity.

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Who Am I and What Is This All About?

I’m Holly Rigos, a branding and personal branding photographer based in West Georgia, serving clients both locally and online. My mission is to assist you in filling the creative and technological gaps in your online personal brand. From website design to Instagram graphics, YouTube content, and consultations, I’ve got you covered.

This podcast is born from the countless consultations and networking experiences I’ve had with clients. I’m here to serve a wider audience, helping you establish your brand online with purpose.

Navigating Branding Challenges

Creating an online presence isn’t just about building a six-figure business.

Many individuals simply want to share their passions or create a little extra income.

They struggle with questions like where to begin and how to share their unique talents. This podcast is dedicated to helping you serve others by sharing your passion with purpose.

Why Visuals Matter

For those who prefer visual content, I encourage you to check out this podcast on YouTube.

Being a visual learner myself, I believe it’s crucial to see expressions and examples.

Plus, you’ll witness some delightful bloopers along the way!

What You’ll Gain From This Podcast

Expect purposeful tips, insights from guest interviews, and hands-on experiences through more in-depth YouTube content.

I’ll cover topics such as video filming techniques, smartphone utilization, and beginner-friendly camera advice for taking self-portraits and design advice.

Experts will join us to discuss various techniques, making this podcast a hub of diverse knowledge.

Take Messy Action

This trailer episode isn’t perfect, and that’s intentional.

I’m all about taking messy action and showing up authentically (which means you get to see my real personality of silliness).

I want to serve you with real content, sharing both the successes and the stumbles.

Golden Nugget of the Episode

Always start with the “why.”

Ask yourself why you want to create an online brand. If your passion aligns with profitability, then stay tuned. We’re going to explore, learn, and grow together, building brands that resonate with purpose.

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[For more tips on creating an authentic online presence, check out my YouTube video: “Navigating Online Branding: Simplified Tips for Beginners”]

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